Predictive Emissions Monitors Can Provide Accuracy at Lower Cost


Learn More about this in a McIlvaine January 21st Web Seminar


Pavilion's Software CEM provides a cost-effective emission monitoring compliance system. Proven in more than 250 installations, Software CEM uses the Pavilion8 Model Analytic Engine and the patented sensor validation system to assure regulatory compliance with unparalleled accuracy and reliability.


Software CEM has a built-in sensor validation system that detects and reconstructs values for failed or drifting sensors, resulting in higher uptime and early detection of improper unit operation. The Software CEM is a fraction of the cost to operate than that of hardware CEMS in not only installation, but certification and maintenance as well.


On January 21, 2009 at 10:30 a.m. CST McIlvaine hosted a web seminar on the Software CEM to analyze its use in industrial boilers and other combustion sources at ethanol, cement, lime, and other industrial plants. End users from cement plants, refineries and other industries were among the 80 participants in the webinar. You can view the recording free of charge, but first you must register at