February 9, 2011



Karl Wilber, PE, General Manager of Tekran Instruments, identified the specific challenges facing the Portland Cement Industry as they further develop their strategies in response to EPAís MACT regulations. The presentation included emissions limits and CEM parameters which are integral to MACT compliance, with focus on mercury (Hg). Tekran shared their experiences in the cement, power, steel and incineration processes, the company has supplied a number of mercury CEMS to the power industry and is presently quite active in the cement industry. Because of its work with analyzers on a broader basis it has an understanding of the fate of mercury. This is important because removal from the air is only the first step. Prevention of mercury problems in soil and water are equally important.


Another need is use the mercury CEM as a control device to regulate the quantity of sorbent injection. This will dictate a measurement both before and after the control device. Because of the large difference in range to measured and other factors it is probably best to install a separate analyzer rather than to use two sample lines and one analyzer.


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