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Plants Located in:
Plant City, State
 AU Optronics (AUO) / Quanta Display  Taiwan
 Babcock & Wilcox  TAIWAN
 Chin-Min College  TAIWAN
 Chipbond Technology  Taiwan
 Chung Hua Univ. Dept. of Civil Engineering  TAIWAN
 Da-Yeh University  TAIWAN
 Development Ctr. for Biotechnology  TAIWAN
 E&C Engineering Corporation  TAIWAN
 Environmental Protection Administration  TAIWAN
 Industrial Technology Res. Institute- ITRL  TAIWAN
 Infineon Technologies / Nanya Technology / Inotera  Taiwan
 I-Shou University  TAIWAN
 I-Shou University-Dept. Civil & Ecological En  TAIWAN
 Kaohsiung, National University of  TAIWAN
 Kaphsiung University of  TAIWAN
 Katec Research & Development Corp.  TAIWAN
 Kun Shan University of Tech.  TAIWAN
 Lan-Yang College of Technology  TAIWAN
 National Central University  TAIWAN
 National Cheng-Kung Univ.  TAIWAN
 National Cheng-Kung University  TAIWAN
 National Chiao-Tung University  TAIWAN
 National Chung Hsing Universit  TAIWAN
 National Formosa University  TAIWAN
 National Kaohsiung First Univ. Science & Tech  TAIWAN
 National Kaohsiung Inst. Marine Technology  TAIWAN
 National Sun Yat-Sen Univ.  TAIWAN
 National Taipei University of Technology  TAIWAN
 National Taiwan University  TAIWAN
 National Tsing Hua University  TAIWAN
 National Tsing University  TAIWAN
 National Yunlin University of Science & Tech.  TAIWAN
 Natonal Kaohsiung Ins./Marine Tech.  TAIWAN
 NCKU Research & Development Foundations  TAIWAN
 Phoenix Precision Technology (PPt)  Taiwan
 Predict Maintenance Technology  TAIWAN
 Siliconware Precision Industries (SPIL)  Taiwan
 Taiwan Industrial Technology Research College  TAIWAN
 Taiwan Longhua Science & Technology University  TAIWAN
 Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC)-12  Taiwan
 Taiwan Textile Research Institute/ TTRI  TAIWAN
 Taiwan Yunlin Science & Technology University  TAIWAN
 Taoyuan Environmental Protection Bureau  TAIWAN
 ThaiLin Semiconductor  Taiwan
 Tunghai Univ/Environmentl Sci  TAIWAN
 Van Nung Institute of Technology  TAIWAN
 Yuan Ze University  TAIWAN
 Yuanpei University of Science/Tech  TAIWAN
 Yuan-Ze University  TAIWAN