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Plants Located in:
Plant City, State
 ACO Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.  CHINA
 Alstom Company/Dept. of Environmental Protection  CHINA
 American Soybean Association  CHINA
 Anhui Bengbu Environmental Monitoring Station  CHINA
 Anhui Conch Cement Co.  CHINA
 Anhui Electrical Science&Envr. Prot. Rsch. Inst.  CHINA
 Anhui Environment Monitoring Center  CHINA
 Anhui Huaibei Environ. Science Research Institute  CHINA
 Anshan Environmental Protection Research Institute  CHINA
 Arron Yuxing  CHINA
 Asia Environmental Protection Magazine  CHINA
 Babcock & Wilcox Co.  CHINA
 Beihang University-Chemistry & Envr. College  CHINA
 Beijing Academy of Agriculture &Forestry Sci. Inst  CHINA
 Beijing Agricultural College-Urban & Town Dev.  CHINA
 Beijing Centre for Physical & Chemical Analysis  CHINA
 Beijing Environ. Protection Monitoring Centre  CHINA
 Beijing Environmental Sciences Society  CHINA
 Beijing Forestry University  CHINA
 Beijing Gen. Research Inst. Of Mining & Metallurgy  CHINA
 Beijing Greentec Group  CHINA
 Beijing Guodian New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.  CHINA
 Beijing Guolian Green League Econ. Rsch.College  CHINA
 Beijing HengYuanLiTong Power Co., Ltd.  CHINA
 Beijing Information Science & Technology Univ.  CHINA
 Beijing Institute of Technology  CHINA
 Beijing International Studies University  CHINA
 Beijing Munic. Research Inst. of Envr. Protection  CHINA
 Beijing Municipal Envr. Monitoring Center  CHINA
 Beijing Municipal Institute of Labor Protection  CHINA
 Beijing Municipal Institute of Labour Protection  CHINA
 Beijing Municipal Plants Protection Station  CHINA
 Beijing Normal University Environment School  CHINA
 Beijing Normal University Zhuhai College  CHINA
 Beijing Research Development Ctr. For Grass & Envr  CHINA
 Beijing Research Institute of Coal Chemistry/ CCRI  CHINA
 Beijing Science & Technology University  CHINA
 Beijing Semiconductor  China
 Beijing Technology & Business University  CHINA
 Beijing Tsingneng Chuangxin Science & Technology  CHINA
 Beijing Unisplendour Taihetong Environmental Tech.  CHINA
 Beijing Univ. of City Engineering & Architecture  CHINA
 Beijing University  China
 Beijing University of Technology  CHINA
 Beijing University Shenzhen Master College  CHINA
 Bureau Hydrology/Changjiang Water Res. Comm./CWRC  CHINA
 Cailun-Boise Paper Technology Co.  CHINA
 Capital University of Economics & Business  CHINA
 Cathay Pacific Airway Ltd.  CHINA
 CDC Environment Institute/Chemistry #2 Office  CHINA
 Celanese Holding Co. Ltd.  CHINA
 Central Iron & Steel Research Institute Group  CHINA
 Centre for Energy, Petroleum & Min  CHINA
 Chemical Defence Research Institute  CHINA
 Chengdu Academy of Environmental Science  CHINA
 Chengdu Univ.of Information Tech, Atmosph. Envr.  CHINA
 Chengdu University of Technology  CHINA
 China Academy of Building Research  CHINA
 China Academy of Engineering Physics  CHINA
 China Agricultural University  CHINA
 China Assc. of Environmental Protection Industry  CHINA
 China Building Materials Academy  CHINA
 China Cement Association  CHINA
 China Coal Information Institute  CHINA
 China Electric Comission -Thermal Power Branch  CHINA
 China Electricity Council  CHINA
 China Environmental Newspaper  CHINA
 China Filtration & Separation Committee  CHINA
 China Guodian Corporation  CHINA
 China Guodian Corporation/  CHINA
 China Institute of Water Res. &Hydropower Research  CHINA
 China Machine-Building International Corp.  CHINA
 China Machinery Indust. Ass. on Environ Protection  CHINA
 China MEP East China Envr. Supervision Centre  CHINA
 China MEP Environmental Information Center  CHINA
 China MEP Environmental Planning Academy  CHINA
 China MEP Nanjing Envr. Sciences Institute  CHINA
 China MEP National Ctr. of Solid Waste Management  CHINA
 China MEP Nuclear & Radiation Safety Center  CHINA
 China MEP So.China Institute of Envr. Sciences  CHINA
 China Ministry of Environmental Protection  CHINA
 China Ministry of Envr.Protect/Poll.Control Agency  CHINA
 China Ministry of Transport  CHINA
 China MWR Water Res. Committee of Hai River  CHINA
 China National Cleaner Production Center  CHINA
 China National Petroleum Corp.  CHINA
 China National Pulp & Paper Research Institute  CHINA
 China People's University/ now Remnin Univ.  CHINA
 China Steel Corp./Wuhan Envr. Protection Institute  CHINA
 China Three Gorges University  CHINA
 China Univ. of Geosciences Envr. Studies School  CHINA
 China Univ. of Mining & Tech.  CHINA
 China University of Mining & Technology  CHINA
 China Urban Constr. Design & Research Institute  CHINA
 Chinese Academy of Engineering  CHINA
 Chinese Academy of Forestry  CHINA
 Chinese Academy of Science  CHINA
 Chinese Academy of Sciences  CHINA
 Chinese Contamination Control Society  CHINA
 Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences  CHINA
 Chinese Research Academy of Envr. Sciences  CHINA
 Chinese Soc. Electrostatic Precipitators  CHINA
 Chinese Society for Environment Sciences  CHINA
 Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences  CHINA
 Chongqing Commun. Research & Design Institute  CHINA
 Chongqing Communications Res.& Design Institute  CHINA
 Chongqing Kaixian Baihe Power Co. Ltd.  CHINA
 Chongqing Three Gorges University  CHINA
 Civic Exchange  CHINA
 CNTA Science & Technology Co., Ltd.  CHINA
 Dalian Environment Monitoring Center  CHINA
 Dalian Environmental Protection Bureau  CHINA
 Dalian Munic. Design & Research Inst. Of Envr. Sci  CHINA
 Datang International Power Generation Co. Ltd.  CHINA
 Datang Luoyang Thermal Power Plant  CHINA
 Deyang Academy of Environmental Science  CHINA
 Deyang Environmental Prot. Science Research Inst.  CHINA
 Dlian University of Technology  CHINA
 Dong hua University  CHINA
 Dongguan Academy of Environmental Sciences  CHINA
 Dongguan University of Technology  CHINA
 Donghai Fishery Research Institute  CHINA
 Dust Control Gas Cleaning  CHINA
 East China Institute of Technology  CHINA
 East China Normal University/Emlyon Bus. School  CHINA
 East China University of Science & Technology  CHINA
 East-China Environmental Protection Ltd.  CHINA
 Ecology & Environmental Sciences/ Edit Dept.  CHINA
 Environment and Resource Office NDRC  CHINA
 Environment Management College of China  CHINA
 Environmental Protection Bureau of Shijingshan  CHINA
 Feng Cheng Machinery Engr. Co./FCME  CHINA
 Fooyin University/Dpt. Envr. Engineering & Science  CHINA
 Fudan University  CHINA
 Fudan University - Economics College  CHINA
 Fujian Agricultural Science Institute  CHINA
 Fujian Anxi Environmental Protection Bureau  CHINA
 Fujian Environment Monitoring Center Station  CHINA
 Fujian Environmental Science Research Institute  CHINA
 Fujian Fujian Environmental Sciences Society  CHINA
 Fujian Minke Environmental Technology Development  CHINA
 Fujian Nanping Environmental Protection Bureau  CHINA
 Fujian Provincial Environmental Protection  CHINA
 Gansu Baoyin Forestry Bureau  CHINA
 GansuXinyi Environmental Science & Technology Co.  CHINA
 Global Supply Chain Council  CHINA
 GM (China) Investment Co., Ltd.  CHINA
 Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing (GSMC)  China
 Guangdong Climate Center  CHINA
 Guangdong Yingde Xinyu Non-ferrous Metals  CHINA
 Guanghui Ozone Development Institute  CHINA
 Guangxi Guilin Environmental Protection  CHINA
 Guangxi Laibin Environment Monitoring Center  CHINA
 Guangxi Liuzhou Environment Monitoring  CHINA
 Guangxi Nanjing Environmental Protection  CHINA
 Guangxi Normal University  CHINA
 Guangzhou Energy Institute  CHINA
 GuangZhou Envir. Science Research  CHINA
 Guangzhou Institute of Geography  CHINA
 Guangzhou Military Region Supervision Station  CHINA
 Guihzou Normal University  CHINA
 Guilin University ofElectronic Technology  CHINA
 Guizho Inst. Envr. Sci. & Design  CHINA
 Guizhou Env. Science Research Inst.  CHINA
 Guizhou Environmental Sciences Society  CHINA
 Guodian Sci & Tech . Environmental Protectiona Co.  CHINA
 Guohua Electric Technology Research Center  CHINA
 Guosen Securities Co. Ltd.  CHINA
 Guotou Xinji Engy.Coal Mining Co.  CHINA
 Haicheng Agricultural Power Office  CHINA
 Hainan Ecological Prov. Constr. Joint Conf. Office  CHINA
 Hangzhou Academy of Env. Science  CHINA
 Hangzhou Dianzi University  CHINA
 Hangzhou Normal University  CHINA
 Hangzhou Wuteli Paier Environmental Tech.  CHINA
 Hanzhong People's Procuratorate College  CHINA
 Harbin Institute of Technology  CHINA
 Harbin Institute of Technology Engineering School  CHINA
 Harbin University of Industry Environ. Technology  CHINA
 Hebei Cangzhou Env. Science Research Institute  CHINA
 Hebei Cangzhou Environment Monitoring Station  CHINA
 Hebei Environment Monitoring Station  CHINA
 Hebei Environmental Science Research Inst.  CHINA
 Hebei Handan Environmental Protection  CHINA
 Hebei Hengshui Environment Monitoring Station  CHINA
 Hebei Hengshui Water Resource Exploit Bureau  CHINA
 Hebei Luancheng Environmental Protection Bureau  CHINA
 Hebei Qiuxian Environmental Protection Bureau  CHINA
 Hebei Tangshan Environmental Economics  CHINA
 Hebei Water Resource & Hydropower Design  CHINA
 Hefei University of Technology  CHINA
 Heilongjiang Fishery Institute  CHINA
 Heilongjiang Hailun Environmental Protection  CHINA
 Henan Institute of Electric Exploration & Design  CHINA
 Henan University of Science and Technology  CHINA
 Hengyun Enterprises Holding Ltd.  CHINA
 Homantin Government Laboratory  CHINA
 Hong Kong Environmental Protection Dept.  CHINA
 Hongda Research Institute Co. Ltd.  CHINA
 Huaibei Environmental Sciencee Research Inst.  CHINA
 HuazhongUniversity of Science and Technology  CHINA
 Huban Zhangjiajie Dani Protection Zone  CHINA
 Hubei Daohuaxiang Wine Co., Ltd.  CHINA
 Hubei Fangxia Disease Prevention Center  CHINA
 Hubei Huangshi Environment Monitoring Station  CHINA
 Hubei Shiyan Environmental Protection Bureau  CHINA
 Hubei University of Technology  CHINA
 Hubei University Resources & Environment College  CHINA
 Hunan Environment Monitoring Center  CHINA
 Hunan Yiyang Lilijing Grain Marketing Co.  CHINA
 Huzhou Environment Monitoring Station  CHINA
 Industrial Technology Research  CHINA
 Industry Research Institute  CHINA
 Inner Mongolia Autonomous Party School  CHINA
 Insigma M&E Engineering  CHINA
 Insigma Technology Ltd.  CHINA
 Institue of Coal Chemistry  CHINA
 Institute of Coal Chemistry  CHINA
 Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy/Science  CHINA
 Institute of Hydrogeology and Env. Geology  CHINA
 Institute of Process Engineering  CHINA
 Institute of remote Sensing Applications  CHINA
 Institute of soil and Water Conservation  CHINA
 Institute of Zoology  CHINA
 Jaingxi Jingdezhen Ennvironment Team  CHINA
 Jaingxi Jiujiang Env. Science Research Inst.  CHINA
 Jaingxi Provincial Academy of Society Services  CHINA
 Japan International Cooperation Agency/ JICA  CHINA
 Japan-China Environment Service Center  CHINA
 Jiangdu Gaochuan Env. Protection Bureau  CHINA
 Jiangsu Changzhou Env. Monitoring Cntr  CHINA
 Jiangsu Tongshan Env. Protection Bureau  CHINA
 Jiangsu Yancheng Environment Monitoring Ctr.  CHINA
 Jiangsu Zhongtian Env. Engineering  CHINA
 Jiangxi Agricultural University  CHINA
 Jiangxi Env. Monitoring Center  CHINA
 Jiangxi Env. Protection Propaganda & Education  CHINA
 Jiangxi Env. Science Research Institute  CHINA
 Jiangxi Environmental Science Research  CHINA
 Jiangxi Jiujiang Enviroment Monitoring Station  CHINA
 Jiaozhou Power Supply Co.  CHINA
 Jiliang University/ Law College  CHINA
 Jilin Baolong Env. Protection Equipment  CHINA
 Jilin Environmental Science Research Inst.  CHINA
 Jilin Solid Waste Management Center  CHINA
 Jilin Yanbian Env. Protection Monitoring Station  CHINA
 Jilin Yanbian environmental Protection  CHINA
 Jinan environmental Protection  CHINA
 Jinan Environmental Science Research Inst.  CHINA
 Jinan University Zhuhai College  CHINA
 Jingcheng Jiayu Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.  CHINA
 Jinkaixing Science & Technology Co., Ltd.  CHINA
 Jin'ou Hongshuli Environmental Technology Co., Ltd  CHINA
 Jinzhou Environment Monitoring Center  CHINA
 Jishou University, College of Biology  CHINA
 Journal of China Electric Environmental Protection  CHINA
 Journal of China Thermal Power Generation  CHINA
 Journal of Investment on Sci & Technology  CHINA
 Journal of Technology and Development  CHINA
 Judy Ni  CHINA
 Kunming University of Science & Technology  CHINA
 Laiwu Steel Corporation Technology Research  CHINA
 Lanzhou Chemical Engineering Research Center  CHINA
 Lanzhou Elec. Power Equip Man.  CHINA
 Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics  CHINA
 Liaoning Academy of Environmental Science  CHINA
 Liaoning Economics Management Cadres Institute  CHINA
 Liaoning Economics Management-New Shenbei District  CHINA
 Liaoning Environmental Protection Dept.  CHINA
 Liaoning Normal University  CHINA
 Liaoning Technical University  CHINA
 Liaoning Water Resource & Hydropower Design  CHINA
 Linyi Normal College  CHINA
 Longza Guanzhou Research & Development Ctr., Ltd.  CHINA
 Lonking Environment Protection Co., Ltd.  CHINA
 Management Bureau of Liaohe Protection Zone  CHINA
 Maoming College-Chemistry and Life Sciences  CHINA
 March Plasma Systems  China
 Megtec Systems Shanghai Ltd.  CHINA
 Mianyang Normal College  CHINA
 Milu Ecological Research Center  CHINA
 Ministry of Environmental Protection China  CHINA
 Ministry of Science & Technology China  CHINA
 Naikai University  CHINA
 Nalco Mobotec Envr. Protection (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.  CHINA
 Nan Fang Advanced Technical Institute  CHINA
 Nanjin Institute of Soil Science  CHINA
 Nanjing Environmental Science Research  CHINA
 Nanjing Industry University  China
 Nanjing University - Environment College  CHINA
 Nanjing University of Technology  CHINA
 Nanjing University/ National Engrng. Research Ctr.  CHINA
 Nantong Environmental Protection Bureau  CHINA
 National Energy Office  CHINA
 National Environmental Protection Agency/ NEPA  CHINA
 National FGD Engineering Technology Research Ctr.  CHINA
 National Ocean Bureau-#3 Ocean Research Institute  CHINA
 National People's Congress/ NPC  CHINA
 National Research Center for Envr. Anal. & Meas.  CHINA
 National Research Centre for Flue Gas Desulfur.  CHINA
 NBA China/National Basketball Assoc. China  CHINA
 Ningbo Environmental Sci. Research & Design Inst.  CHINA
 Ningxia Academy of Agriculture & Forestry Sciences  CHINA
 Ningxia Environmental Science Research Institute  CHINA
 North China Electric Power University  CHINA
 North-East Electrical Power Design Institute Co.  CHINA
 North-East Electrical Science Research Institute  CHINA
 Northeast Forestry University  CHINA
 Northeast Normal University/ Lawn Research Inst.  CHINA
 Northeastern University  CHINA
 Northeastern University/Materials & Metall.College  CHINA
 Northwestern Polytechnical University  CHINA
 Ocean University of China  CHINA
 On Semiconductor-3  China
 Overseas Chinese Environmental Prot. Society  CHINA
 Peking University  China
 PetroChina Company Limited  CHINA
 PLA #63850 Army Environment Monitoring Station  CHINA
 PLA Chemical Defence Research Institute  CHINA
 PLA University of Science & Technology  CHINA
 Pollution Control Office, National EPA - China  CHINA
 PSi Technologies  China
 Qiangdao Institute of Marine Geology  CHINA
 Qingdao Sifang Environmental Sciences Society  CHINA
 Qingdao Technical University  CHINA
 Qinghai Environment Monitoring Station  CHINA
 Quanzhou Normal College-Chemistry & Life Sci. Coll  CHINA
 Renmin University of China Environment Coll.  CHINA
 Research Inst. Electric Science/Jilin Electric Co.  CHINA
 Research Institute of Chemical Science  CHINA
 Research Institute of Guodian Environ Protection  CHINA
 Ringier Trade Publishing Ltd.  CHINA
 Riviera (Beijing) Property Management Co.  CHINA
 Sanxing Meijie Property Management Co., Ltd.  CHINA
 Sci & Tech. Service Ctr., China Electric Comission  CHINA
 Shaanxi Normal University  CHINA
 Shaanxi ulin Envr. Engr. Assessment Center  CHINA
 Shaanxi Yulin Envr. Monitoring Gen. Station  CHINA
 Shandong Environment Information Center  CHINA
 Shandong Environment Monitoring Center  CHINA
 Shandong Environmental Sciences Society  CHINA
 Shandong Heze Environmental Protection Bureau  CHINA
 Shandong Normal University  CHINA
 Shandong Univ. of Sci. & Technology  CHINA
 Shandong University of Science & Technology  CHINA
 Shandong University-Weihai Inter Biotech.Res. Ctr.  CHINA
 Shandong Water Resource Science Research Institute  CHINA
 Shang Jiao Tong University  CHINA
 Shangahi Electric Power Co.  CHINA
 Shanghai Academy of Environmental Science  CHINA
 Shanghai Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Institut  CHINA
 Shanghai Centrifuge Institute Co., Ltd.  CHINA
 Shanghai Electric Heavy Industry Group  CHINA
 Shanghai Environmental Protection  CHINA
 Shanghai Institute/Elec. Power  CHINA
 Shanghai Jiao Tong University  CHINA
 Shanghai Modern Architectural Design Group  CHINA
 Shanghai Ocean University  CHINA
 Shanghai Radiation Envr. Supervision Station  CHINA
 Shanghai University of Engineering Science  CHINA
 Shanxi Changzhi Environment Monitoring Station  CHINA
 Shanxi Environment Monitoring Center  CHINA
 Shanxi Environmental Sciences Society  CHINA
 Shanxi Jinzhong Xiyang Envr. Protection Bureau  CHINA
 Shell China  CHINA
 Shengong Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.  CHINA
 Shengtai City Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.  CHINA
 Shenhua Group Corp.  CHINA
 Shenyang Academy of Environmental Science  CHINA
 Shenyang Environment Monitoring Center  CHINA
 Shenyang Military Region Engr.Envr.Qual.Super.Sta.  CHINA
 Shenyang University of Technology  CHINA
 Shenzhen Institute of Landscape Science  CHINA
 Shijiazhuang Environment Monitoring Center  CHINA
 Shijiazhuang Environmental Information Center  CHINA
 Shijiazhuang Environmental Sciences Society  CHINA
 Shijiazhuang Envr. Protection Bureau  CHINA
 Shijiazhuang Envr. Science Research Institute  CHINA
 Shougang Corp. Envr. Protection/ Industry Dept.  China
 Sichuan Academy of Environmental Science  CHINA
 Sichuan Huayu Envr. Protection Co., Ltd.  CHINA
 Sichuan Leshan Environment Monitoring Center  CHINA
 Sichuan Leshan Environmental Protection Bureau  CHINA
 Sichuan Luzhou Environment Monitoring Station  CHINA
 Sichuan Neijing Environment Monitoring Station  CHINA
 Sichuan Recycle Economics Promotion Assoc.  CHINA
 Sichuan University  CHINA
 Sichuan Yibin Wuliangye Corporation  CHINA
 Sinopec Corp  CHINA
 Sirenza Microdevices-2  China
 Soiuth China University of Technology  CHINA
 South Cement Company Limited  CHINA
 South China Normal University  CHINA
 Southeast University  CHINA
 Southeast University/Dept. Power Engineering  CHINA
 Southwest University  CHINA
 Southwest University for Nationalities  CHINA
 Southwest University of Science & Technology  CHINA
 Southwestern University of Finance & Economics  CHINA
 Special Comm. on Motor Vehicle & Ship Poll.Cntrl.  CHINA
 State Enviro. Protection Admin.  CHINA
 State Environmental Protection Admin./ SEPA  CHINA
 State Intellectual Property Office  CHINA
 State Power Envir. Protection Research Institute  CHINA
 Sun Yat-Sen University- Envr. Sci & Engr. School  CHINA
 Sun Yat-Sen University/Water Res. & Envr. Res.Ctr.  CHINA
 Suqian Environmental Protection Bureau  CHINA
 Suzhou Environmental Science Research Institute  CHINA
 Suzhou University of Science & Technology  CHINA
 Taiwan Environment Sustainable Dev. Foundation  CHINA
 Taiwan Nonwoven Fabrics Industry Association  CHINA
 Taiyuan Envr. Science Research & Design Institute  CHINA
 Taizhou University  CHINA
 The Second Engineering Office of China Water Power  CHINA
 Thieffry Associates  CHINA
 Tianjian Univ./ School of Envr. Science & Techn.  CHINA
 Tianjin Academy of Environmental Science  CHINA
 Tianjin Academy of Envr. Protect. Science  CHINA
 Tianjin Dev. Zone Modern Ind'l. Zone Corp.  CHINA
 Tianjin Environment Monitoring Center  CHINA
 Tianjin Municipal Road Management Bureau  CHINA
 Tianjin Nankai Dist. Envr. Prot.Monitoring Station  CHINA
 Tianjin Radiation Environment Supervision Station  CHINA
 Tianjin Solid Waste & Toxic Prdts. Mngmnt. Center  CHINA
 Tianjin University of Commerce/Commerce College  CHINA
 Tianjin Water Transport Engr. Science Res. College  CHINA
 Tongji University Press  CHINA
 Tongji University/Envr. Sci. & Engr. College  CHINA
 Toray Fibers & Textiles Research Laboratories  CHINA
 Tsinghua Univ. Envr. Science & Technology Dept.  CHINA
 Tsinghua University  CHINA
 U.S. Consulate General Shanghai  CHINA
 United States Trade & Development Agency/Overseas  CHINA
 University of Shanghai for Science & Technology  CHINA
 University of South China/School of Urban Constr.  CHINA
 Wang, Arthur  CHINA
 Water Environment Monitoring Ctr. Of Haihe Zone  CHINA
 Water Environment Monitoring Ctr. Of Huaihe Zone  CHINA
 World Resources Institute/ WRI  CHINA
 Wuhan Boiler Co., Ltd.  CHINA
 Wuhan Environment Monitoring Center  CHINA
 Wuhan Environmental Science Research Institute  CHINA
 Wuhan Institute of Technology  CHINA
 Wuhan Univ. Science &Technology/Coll.Urban Constr.  CHINA
 Wuhan University  CHINA
 Wuhan Wuchang Dist. Environmental Protect. Bureau  CHINA
 Wuxi Environment Monitoring Center Station  CHINA
 Xiamen University Envr. Science Research Center  CHINA
 Xi'an Environmental Protection Sci.Research Inst.  CHINA
 Xi'an Thermal Engineering Research Institute & Co.  CHINA
 Xinjiang Building Materials Envr. Monit. Station  CHINA
 Xinjiang Normal University  CHINA
 Xinjiang Shihezi University  CHINA
 Xinjiang University  CHINA
 Xinjiang Wulumuqi Desert Meteorology Res. Inst.  CHINA
 Xinjiang Wulumuqi Water Resource Exploit Bureau  CHINA
 Yangzhou Environmental Protection Bureau  CHINA
 Yangzhou University  CHINA
 Yanshan University  CHINA
 Yunnan Academy of Environmental Science  CHINA
 Yunnan Honghe Environmental Protection Bureau  CHINA
 Yunnan Kuning Academy of Environmental Science  CHINA
 Yunnan Kunming Environment Monitoring Center  CHINA
 Yunnan Metallurgy Research & Design College  CHINA
 Yunnan University  CHINA
 Yunnan Yuxi Environmental Science Res. Inst.  CHINA
 Zhejiang Agriculture & Forestry University  CHINA
 Zhejiang Environmental Sci. Research & Design Inst  CHINA
 Zhejiang Feida Environmental Science  CHINA
 Zhejiang Gongshang University  CHINA
 Zhejiang Ningbo Environmental Protection Bureau  CHINA
 Zhejiang Univ./Urban Plnng.&Inform. Tech. Res.Inst  CHINA
 Zhejiang University  CHINA
 Zhejiang University Environmental Engr. Res. Inst  CHINA
 Zhejiang Water Conservancy & Hydropower College  CHINA
 Zhejiang Water Resource/Hekou Research Inst.  CHINA
 Zhengzhou University/ Industrial College  CHINA
 Zhong Kai International Technology  CHINA
 Zhong Ke Energy Envr. Protect. Co., Ltd.  CHINA
 Zoomlion Heavy Industry Sci. & Tech. Dev. Co., Ltd  CHINA