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Jed Pratt, Vice President, Sales and Marketing


Ph: 229-584-2982

Cell: 229-200-8630

Fax: 229-584-2633

Toll Free: 866-476-0323



Chuck Adcock, Region Manager, South East


Cell: 229-200-6735

Toll Free Fax: 866-482-9842

Direct Fax: 229-584-2624



Thomas Halstrick, President


Ph: 49 231 4102-7620

Cell: 49 172 3972886

Fax: 49 231 4102-7537


Company Profile:


WILO EMU USA LLC, headquartered in Thomasville, Georgia, provides heavy-duty municipal and industrial pumps and mixers specifically designed for water and solids-handling applications, including pumps for sludge, tertiary waste, and potable water. The company is part of the WILO Group, which is one of the world's leading pump manufacturers. Wilo EMU Heavy-Duty Pumps have been serving the pumping needs of North American municipalities for more than 35 years. Since 1985, Wilo EMU Submersible Mixers have been in use from New York to California.


Wilo EMU Pumps and Mixers are specifically designed for water and sewage treatment applications. Wilo EMU Pumps are used for sludge, tertiary waste, and potable water. These pumps are often employed in lift stations and at treatment facilities, wherever highly reliable and durable pumping capabilities are required. Wilo EMU Submersible Mixers are typically used for homogenization, suspension and for maintaining horizontal flows.


Product Information:


Wilo EMU Municipal Pumps are available in designs for wet pit and dry pit applications. Specific Wilo EMU Pumps range in capability from 100 gallons-per-minute (gpm) to 20,000+ gallons-per-minute (gpm), with heads from a few feet to 300 feet.


Pump Design Distinctions

Wilo EMU pumps are specifically engineered to protect motor components from both heat and moisture. Exclusive Thermo-Centric™ engineering, which effectively transfers heat away from all critical components, significantly reduces the potential for heat-related damage. Thermo-Centric™ engineering ensures the Wilo EMU submersible and dry-pit pumps operate at or near ambient temperatures, even in long-term continuous operation. Also, unique long-life silicon carbide seals provide absolute protection from moisture intrusion and deliver operational cycles that are 15 to 20 times longer than those of ordinary carbon-ceramic seals.


  • Rated for upset conditions.

Integral Cooling Flange

  • Provides active heat transfer.

Cable Entry

  • Sealed at entry and at motor chamber.

Shaft Seal

  • Silicon carbide seal material provides operation cycles that are 15 to 20 times those of ordinary carbon-ceramic seals.

Seal Springs

  • Isolated springs to balance tension.


  • Optimal shaft length-to-diameter ratio (minimum pump shaft diameter 3.126 inches).


  • Built in.

Impeller and Casing

  • Plus 650 Brinell hardness on impeller and casing.

Exterior Coating

  • Plus 10 Newtons adhesion level on exterior coating.



The hydraulic options of Wilo EMU pumps can be dramatically increased through the use of application specific impellers. Options include:



Single-Channel Impeller

  • Provides high efficiency/large sphere pumping

  • Solids up to 8% as well as liquid containing fibrous material.


Multi-Channel Impeller

  • Provides high efficiency

  • Ideal for pumping raw sewage and other solids-filled liquids with big size pumps


Vortex-Type Impeller

  • Large sphere pumping

  • Ideal for pumping gas-emitting sludges with air inclusion and for solids concentrations up to 8%.


Screw Impeller

  • Viscous fluids, low shear, live fish

  • For dry-substance contents up to 12%, which contain no abrasive materials


Propeller-Type Impeller

  • High flow / Low head


Mixer Head

  • Prevents blockage of pump suction under severe conditions.

  • Puts settled solids close to the pump in suspension, for pumping.


Impellers Available With Abrasit® Option

  • In Side-By-Side Test, ABRASIT® Lasts More Than Seven Times Longer more