Danfoss Flomatic Valves

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Danfoss Flomatic Valves is a diversified manufacturer of water valves. These high quality water valves are available in a wide range of sizes and materials and are specifically designed for the Municipal, Industrial, Domestic and Irrigation Markets. Danfoss Flomatic is dedicated to manufacturing high quality long lasting water valves with unparallel customer service. Today Flomatic specializes in check valves, foot valves, automatic hydraulic control valves and backflow preventers directed at the domestic, industrial, municipal and irrigation markets. Their valves are used in the heartland of rural America to large municipal water valves from coast to coast, Boston and New York City to the City of Los Angeles. Flomatic continues to operate as a technology company leading the industry with new and innovative products covered by several patents and trademarks to meet the ever-expanding needs of its customers in over 40 different countries.


Flomatic expanded internationally in 1975 by joining forces with Socla, a French valve company well respected throughout Europe. Introduction of automatic control valves and backflow preventers were made, both designed and manufactured by Flomatic. The Company's position in the worldwide market was further improved in 1992 when it introduced the first unleaded bronze valves, the ENVIRO-Check . Flomatic also became a member of the Water Valve Division of the Danfoss Group. Danfoss is a well known global manufacturing company, with over $2.3 billion in sales, 18,000 employees operating in 100 different countries world wide, with world headquarters based in Nordborg, Denmark.


Product Information:


Danfoss Flomatic manufactures a complete line of valve products. View the valve product listings below. Danfoss Flomatic valve products support the domestic, industrial, municipal and irrigation markets. Danfoss Flomatic manufactures a full line of high quality check valves, automatic control valves, gate valves, backflow preventers, foot valves, butterfly valves and more.


Air Release/Vacuum Valves

Air Release Valves (clean water)

Air Release Simple Level Type - Miniair®

Air and Vacuum Valve - Maxiair®

Dual Air Valve Deep Well Valve - Wellair®

Universal Air Release Valve - Comboair®

Air Release Valves (sewage)

Universal Sewer Air Release Valve - Sewair Combo®

Combination Sewer Valve - Sewair Dual®

Air and Vacuum Sewer Valve - Sewair Maxi®

Pressure Sewer Air Release Valve - Sewair Mini®



Automatic Control Valves

Altitude Valves 

C201 , CF201 , C205 , CF205

Back Pressure Valves

C301 , CF301 

Cyclegard® Valves

Cycle Gard® I C152E, Cycle Gard® I C152ET, Cycle Gard® Hy-Flow C152EHF, Cycle Gard® II CN101,  Cycle Gard® IV CB152E, Cycle Gard® CI CIN101, Cycle Gard® CNA CNA101A, HYDROSTAT® MODEL C3100, C154 Booster-it ®

Float Valves

C701, CF701 , C705, CF705

Flow Control Valves

C901 , CF901

Hydraulic Check Valves

C1001 , CF1001

Pressure Reducing Valves 

C101 , CF101 , C150E, C150EHF

Pressure Relief Valves 

C401 , CF401

Pump Control Valves 

C601 , CF601 , C601DP

Solenoid Actuated Valves 

C801-2 , CF801-2

Surge Arrestor

C501 , CF501

Valves Accessories

PRP, BPP, ACP Model 165, Mini Ball Valve, Solenoid Valve, FC20, Y Strainer


Backflow Preventers

Air Gap Adapter

Single Detector Check


Double Check Valves


Reduced Pressure Zone: Backflow Preventers


Pressure Vacuum Breaker: Backflow Preventers


Test Kit: Backflow Preventers


Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker: Backflow Preventer


Carbonated Beverage: Backflow Preventer


Hose Connection Vacuum Breaker: Backflow Preventers


Dual Check Valve: Backflow Preventers 

8080E, 8080

Dual Check Valve – Atmospheric Vent: Backflow Preventers


Backflow Preventer Repair Kits

Spare Parts Kits


Unleaded Ball Valves

(Quarter Turn) 605E , 601E, Test Cocks

> Butterfly Valves

Sylax Wafer & Lug Style

Wafer (DI), , Lug (DI)

Wafer (SS), Lug(SS)

Sylax Wafer & Lug Style Electric Actuated

Wafer (DI) , Lug(DI)

Wafer (SS), Lug(SS)


Kwik-Close®, Kwik-Close®, Extension Kit


Gear Operated, Lever Operated


Break Off Plugs

Breakoff Plugs


Check Valves

Ball Check Valves

508, 408, 4082, 208, 208T, 208B

Globe Style Silent Check Valves 

402BT , 402BTR

Submersible Check Valves 

Enviro Check®

80E Series

80E , 80AE , 80BE , 80CE , 80HTE , 80ME , 80XBE

100E Series

100E, 100DPE, 100ME, 100XLE

Cast Iron Check Valves 

80DI Series

80DI, 80DIA, 80DIB, 80DICL, 80DITurbo, 80DIX, 80MDI, 100MDI, 82, 82DP

Swing Check Valves

78A, 78, 90/92LS, 90/92LW, 90/92CS, 745, 745BF, 745PI, 745BFPI

Wafer Check Valves

848/895 , 888/888R , 812X

Stainless Steel Check Valves

812XT, 80/100SS, 80SSA, 80SSB, 80SSC, 80SSXB, 100XLSS, 100MSS , 816 , 816F , 80S6, 80S6CL

Plastic Check Valves

100MP , 901 , 297D , 290P

Auto Drain Valve™

Model 70


Foot Valves

60SE , 333e , 333dpe , 190 Series , 124P , 104P , 104PS , 357 , 63 , 812XFF , 812XTF , 302BT , 80S6F


Gate Valves

109OSY, 109NRS, 109G, 109FG, 115FL, 115PO, 115MJ


Unleaded Strainers

Plastic Strainer , Flanged Ductile Iron Strainers , Threaded Ductile Iron Strainers , Threaded Bronze Strainers , Threaded Stainless Steel Strainers , Flanged Stainless Steel Strainers