How to Use This Service






The Intelligence System contains articles, recordings, analyses and other relevant material. The search words help you quickly find the most relevant and current information.



Key Search Segments



Includes major products, components, materials, and services.



Cooling, water treatment, heat recovery and other processes are linked to articles where a specific process is discussed.



Parent corporations are linked to subsidiaries. If you click on the corporate name you see all the information for all the subsidiaries.


General Subjects

This includes categories such as business transactions, contaminants, performance & optimization and regulations.



Locations of projects and exhibitions.



This distinguishes between an application for electricity generation as opposed to oil and gas compression and landfill or biogas.


Other Search Segments


Calendar of Events:  Provides data on upcoming conferences and exhibitions. Information on past conferences often includes pictures and product information.


Company/Division:  The company associated with a product or service as well as each owner/operator is identified by its parent corporation and then the specific division if any.


Person:  Speakers, authors and spokesmen are listed. However the networking directory linked at the top of the home page is the main tool for personnel identification.


Publication:  If a publication is the source of information it is identified.


Publication Date:  Refers to the date information appeared in the publication.


Text Descriptor:  Allows you to find presentations and webinars as distinguished from product descriptions.


Title (starting with the most recent):  The way to determine what material has recently been added is to click on “Title” and view the latest material which is all in chronological order.