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Audit by Evoqua results in power plant savings for power, chemicals and labor costs

An uninterrupted supply of high-quality water is vital to power plant operations. When making outage plans that include preventative maintenance on key plant systems, plant personnel should address the plant’s water treatment equipment, ensuring it receives the same high level of attention as its boiler, condensers, turbines and process equipment. So, how does a maintenance planner know whether the water treatment system is operating at its best and that it can meet the power plant’s current and future demands? One way is to plan an audit of the water treatment equipment before a planned outage. The audit should start with a system check-up to assess system conditions, performance and efficiencies and to pinpoint areas that need improvement. The check-up also can determine if a full system audit is required to provide a more in-depth investigation of a single or multiple water unit operation. The system audit should address the individual challenges of specific situations and include an in-plant survey and a summary of findings and recommendations for improvement.

Revision Date:  12/9/2016

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