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Vokes recommends combining coalescer and pre filter

In locations with high levels of atmospheric moisture (such as Northern Europe, equatorial or coastal sites), a coalescer protects against water and is typically followed by coarse and fine dust filter stages. This coalescer stage usually consists of a bank of G3 or G4 glass fibre pads treated with a water resistant coating. Such elements retain moisture well, but can quickly become clogged at higher air flows and as they become dirty, choking the air flow and raising differential pressure. Now, thanks to developments in media technology, a handful of products are available that offer an alternative approach by combining the water coalescer and pre-filter stages into one-unit.

Revision Date:  10/18/2013

Tags:  221112 - Fossil Fuel 化石燃料, McIlvaine, SPX, Vokes, HEPA Filter, Air Filter, Coalescer, Air Intake, Air Filtration, Filtration & Separation