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CECO Urea Injection System for Reciprocating Engines

In 2009-Combustion Components Associates, Inc (CCA) launch of its TRIM-NOX ™ Series of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) urea injection systems for diesel engines. Designed to reduce Nox emissions from stationary engines in the 150kW-3000kW size range, the TRIM-NOX LT Series is targeted at SCR applications on smaller engines in the 150kW-600kW output range while the XL Series is targeted at the larger 750kW to 3,000kW engine size range. Both the LT and XL Series use a PLC based controller with a touch screen display panel to allow for precise control of CCA's patented airless urea injector for maximum Nox reduction and minimum reagent consumption. The LT injection system is scaled down in features to make it price competitive in the small engine market while the XL series offers additional features and options such as data logging, reagent flow meters, remote communications capabilities, closed loop control and additional operator displays on system status for larger prime power or standby engines. TRIM-NOX SCR system including injector, control panel, mixing duct and an SCR catalyst adapted by CCA from a commercial on-highway truck SCR system. The system will be integrated and displayed on the roof of a new CAT XQ175 engine/generator set rated at 175kW. Recent testing by CCA of the TRIM-Nox SCR system on a Tier 1 certified CAT 185kW engine/generator demonstrated Nox reductions of up to 95%; with Nox emissions reduced to 0.3 gr/hp-hr. A TRIM-NOX XL injection system for larger engines includes ultra fine atomization achieved with CCA's patented single fluid injector. The XL injection system was introduced to the market by CCA before 2009 and is in commercial operation on a number of diesel fuel and natural gas fired engines in the 1500kW to 2500kW range.

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Urea Injection system for turbines, small boilers and engines

The system Provides precise computer controlled injection of urea reagent for NOx reduction It is Used for duct injection or urea to ammonia conversion processes. The system includes an injection pump and motor, urea pressure sensor, filter, control panel, 7” HMI display, data logging, temperature sensors, alarm light and injector kit. Options include a day tank, heater, level sensor, solenoid, redundant injection pump, urea supply and return flow meters, closed loop urea control, NOx sensors and bulk storage.

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Suppliers of Gas Turbine Expansion Joint Products

This is a summary of suppliers of fabric and metal expansion joints for gas turbine systems prepared by McIlvaine Company in 2010.

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