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Richard Winslow is a niche expert on power plant lubrication

Richard Winslow is a niche expert on power plant lubrication We first learned about Richard’s lubrication expertise in an article he wrote when he was with PacifiCorp. There was a pulverizer wear problem at the Naughton plant of Pacific Corp. An advanced filtration technology for the coal pulverizer was determined to be readily available for heavy gear oil that would meet solve the maintenance problems. An off-line kidney loop filtration package using a high-efficiency, high-dirt-holding capacity, synthetic filter media was solved the problem. Richard moved on from PacifiCorp and most recently has been in Alaska with ConocoPhillips. He has agreed to a niche expert role in our linkedin discussions and decision system. In addition to his Naughton paper we have also include his paper on minimizing bacterial contamination. His resume is attached.

Revision Date:  11/23/2016

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Bacterial Contamination of Turbine and Circulating Lube Oil Systems

Bacterial contamination of large circulating oil systems in steam turbines is an expensive problem. This paper describes the problem and lists the types of lubricants and conditions that appear to be most susceptible, methods of treatment and known methods to clean up and prevent bacterial contamination.

Revision Date:  11/23/2016

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BHE Safety relief valves needed by many BHE plants

BHE Safety relief valves needed by many BHE plants We have provided three tiers of information relative to some of the safety relief valve initiatives at BHE. This is a brief summary which links to much more detailed information. This second tier contains links to insurance reports, bidders lists and other full reports. • Pacificorp Currant Creek GTCC plant approved bidders list lists GE ( Consolidated as the preferred supplier with Pentair and Curtiss Wright as acceptable safety relief valve suppliers for a gas turbine combined cycle projects • The Pacificorp Hunter Staton 2002 insurance report discusses a generator failure of the generator and comments on safety relief valves. • A report on Pacificcorp Prospect No. 3 hydroelectric project relicensing covers PRV where critical to ramping events . • There was an investigation into Gas transmission relief valve failure in Utah. • Chehalis generating station energy savings projects analysis conducted by Cascade Energy included relief valves for lubricant filter systems • Lakeside Power Block 2 has relief valves for the ammonia tank and relief valves for the water injection system plus recirculation valves • A biogas generator includes tanks used in the anaerobic digestion process with emergency relief valves With 110 gas turbine power plants, 41 coal fired boilers, 71 compressor stations, and many geothermal, wind and solar plants BHE is a major user of safety relieve valves.

Revision Date:  11/18/2016

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Interconnecting compressor initiatives at BHE

BHE has 110 gas turbine units, 4l coal fired plants, 71 compressor stations and many renewable energy facilities. Compressors are used at many of the locations. The bidders list on gas turbine plant shows Gardner Denver as preferred and several others including Atlas Copco as acceptable. Another show Atlas Copco as preferred and Gardner Denver as acceptable. The new interconnect program for BVHE created by McIlvaine will help the plans communicate and lead to global specifying. Here are examples of the compressors being specified

Revision Date:  11/18/2016

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Corporation decisions based on shared values and CSR

Mike Sullivan of BHE Energy points to the Scandinavian policies to insure that corporations include social values in their decision making. He talks about incorporating the shared values of the employees as one aspect. We suggest you read this thought provoking article but also review the McIlvaine Sustainability Universal Rating System . This system provides a way to more accurately determine the values of BHE employees but also voters. The recent election underscores the importance of understanding the values which are important to voters.

Revision Date:  11/14/2016

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Valve Market strategy focused on large purchasers such as BHE

This article in the December issue of Valve World by Mcilvaine advises suppliers of high performance valves to identify the largest purchasers and build the marketing program around them. An opportunity to work with BHE who spends $ 90 million/yr on valves is explained.

Revision Date:  11/7/2016

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Huntington 1 and other Western States CCP plans

Jeff Burks of Energy Strategies presented plans in October 2015 for Western States to meet CO2 emissions. A graph shows the Huntington 1 emissions with no changes and the goal with reductions starting in 2022.

Revision Date:  11/7/2016

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Wastewater permit for coal and combustion turbine plants in Gillette Wyoming

This 2015 permit authorizes the discharge of wastewater from six coal fired power plants, two combustion turbine power plants, and one coal mine. The Neil Simpson and Wygen generating power plants and the coal mine are located approximately six miles east of Gillette, Wyoming. Most of the wastewater generated by the facility is recycled, so this facility rarely discharges. Discharges usually occur in response to large storm events. Note below that the facilities are air-cooled, so they do not discharge cooling water. Therefore, 316(b) regulations do not apply. In addition, make-up water is partially treated water from the Gillette wastewater treatment plant, not waters of the Wastewater originating from the variety of sources is routed to a two cell settling pond. The first pond, called the Bottom Ash Settling Pond, functions to provide settlement for sediments and ash by-products. Wastewater from this pond overflows to the second pond called the Clear Pond. The Clear Pond has an outlet structure (Outfall 001) that allows the discharge of the treated wastewater to Donkey Creek. However, because a majority of the wastewater that enters the settling ponds is recycled, there is seldom a discharge to the creek.

Revision Date:  11/7/2016

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2014 BHE testimony on the gas turbine, coal and geothermal projects in Utah

The purpose of Chad Teply testimony was to support the prudence of capital investments in the new Lake Side 2 combined cycle combustion turbine (“CCCT”) natural gas fueled resource, certain pollution control equipment retrofits on existing coal fueled resources, and other significant generation plant projects being placed in service during the test period in this docket, July 1, 2014 through July 2015. This included the Hayden SCR and the Blundell geothermal resource well integration project and 1 the Naughton Unit 3 natural gas conversion project. The Blundell geothermal resource well integration project integrates two 108 new geothermal resource wells into the Blundell generation system. One production well and one injection well, along with associated appurtenances, have been drilled and will be placed in service to support continued reliable electricity production at the site. Lake Side 2 is nominally rated at 548 MW base load 130 and 97 MW of duct firing for a total net capacity of 645 MW at the average 131 ambient temperate of 52 degrees Fahrenheit. Each combustion turbine exhausts 132 into its own heat recovery steam generator which then commonly supply a single 133 steam turbine generator. The electrical energy generated by Lake Side 2 will be delivered to a new 345 kV point of interconnection substation (Steel Mill) where it will tie into the PacifiCorp transmission system.

Revision Date:  11/7/2016

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BHE NV Energy Title V permit renewal January 2016

2 x175 MW GTCC has SCR, low NOx burners, oxidation catalyst with limits of 2.5 ppm NOx and 5 ppm CO on a 3 hour basis at 15% O2. Also has duct burners, emergency fire pump with diesel engine wht 100 hr operating limit. A CEMs measure s NOx, CO and O2 on each turbine

Revision Date:  11/2/2016

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Johns Manville Insulation at Newark Energy Center

The construction of the Newark Energy Center gas-fired power plant in Newark, New Jersey called for the latest GE gas turbine technology to supply electricity to more than 700,000 homes. This project had an aggressive construction schedule and several specific insulation requirements for the pipe and vessel application. The insulation had to provide high-compressive strength, optimize corrosion defense, be readily available and cost-effective. As one of the only insulations available that meets all four criteria, Thermo-12® Gold became the primary product of choice. Thermo-12 Gold not only has exceptional compressive strength, but it inhibits CUI with the proprietary XOX™ chemical package and can handle high impact, high temperatures and high humidity with ease.

Revision Date:  10/13/2016

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