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Valves for Ultrapure Water - Mcilvaine article in Valve World


Revision Date:  11/6/2015

Tags:  221112 - Fossil Fuel 化石燃料, 221112 - Fossil Fuel 化石燃料, 221118 - Other Electric Power , 325412 - Pharmaceutical Preparation Manufacturing , 334413 - Semiconductor and Other Electronic Component Manufacturing , McIlvaine, GEMU Valves, KSB, KCI Technologies, High Performance Valve, Valve, Ultrapure Water, Water Treatment, Valve World

KSB Offers Full Range of Control Valves for Power Plant Applications

KSB offers a full range of control valves for conventional, as well as combined cycle, power plants.

Revision Date:  4/22/2015

Tags:  221112 - Fossil Fuel 化石燃料, 221112 - Fossil Fuel 化石燃料, KSB, Valve, Schematic, Flow Control

VFD at the Hainan Yangpu 220 MW GTCC

This paper discusses the application of variable frequency drives (VFD) in the high-pressure water feeding system of boilers serving Units 11 through 13 of a combined cycle section of the Hainan Yangpu Thermal Power Plant. The article is written by the plant engineer responsible for the operation and maintenance of the system. In the first year of operation there were severe problems with the valve caused in part by inability to measure the outlet pressure of the BFP system and it was determined that a solution lay with replacing the hydraulic coupling with VFD.

Revision Date:  9/8/2014

Tags:  221112 - Fossil Fuel 化石燃料, Siemens, KSB, Boiler Feedwater Pump, Variable Frequency Drive, Boiler Feedwater Treatment, Flow Control, China