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New Condiltion Monitoring Approach

There is a new way forward that takes a platform-based approach to condition monitoring and helps you to regain control of your maintenance mix. To overcome the challenges that the traditional maintenance mix presents, this platform must deliver:  The flexibility of the solution to scale with your evolving needs, such as support for new types of algorithms, support for a wide variety of I/O and emerging sensors, and the ability to scale to large numbers of systems  An openness that allows you to gain access to the raw engineering measurements to adapt to new and innovative analysis techniques and extend the solution to meet your maintenance program requirements  Interoperability with third-party hardware and software packages so that you can integrate with existing CMMS and ERP systems and any database historians or process management enterprise software used  Rugged mechanicals and a breadth of available algorithms  A monitoring hardware and software solution for a price that allows you to scale your online condition monitoring solution to cover the bulk of your rotating machinery assets  The services to help facilitate your end-to-end solution from your asset to your IT infrastructure, either directly or through a network of partners

Revision Date:  1/5/2017

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Fleetwide Monitoring

Fleetwide Monitoring (FWM) is the implementation of applications for monitoring, maintaining and optimizing generation (and other) assets from a centralized location (Hussey, 2010). Fundamentally, FWM involves monitoring assets within a fleet of assets to detect operational and equipment problems earlier enough to mitigate damage, manage risk, identify performance problems, and manage business and market conditions or risks. A key part of FWM involves the use of advanced online monitoring technologies developed in the 1990s and 2000s and first applied in aerospace, transportation, and petrochemical applications. The goal of FWM is intelligent top-down approach to plant maintenance and scheduling. The goal is accomplished by the move toward centralized monitoring and diagnostic centers, the integration of advanced monitoring applications, and continued use of existing monitoring and maintenance technologies. The efforts supporting the goal will be facilitated by emerging standards supporting interoperability of equipment and technologies from multiple vendors.

Revision Date:  1/5/2017

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