EUEC 2009 Conference Coverage
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2009 Conference Coverage


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Interviewee (pictured from left)

Deborah Padwater, Market Manager - USA, Analyzers and Process Instrumentation

Ph: +49 (0) 40 27894-304

Cell: +49 (0) 172 4030189

Fax: +49 (0) 40 27894-215



Chris Psotka, Sales Manager, Analytical Products

Ph: 630-723-2930

Cell: 630-240-4148

Fax: 630-723-2903


2009 Interview Summary:


Sick Maihak provides continuous PM monitors for dry and wet stacks.  They also market both extraction and in situ products for SO2, NOx, CO and CO2.  An area of growth appears to be monitoring at the inlet of FGDs to control the injection of the scrubbing catalyst.



2008 Conference Coverage


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Phil Zyskowski, Regional Sales Manager

Ph: 847-818-1827

Fax: 847-818-3877

Cell: 847-736-9556



Randy Young, Manager of Operations

Ph: 281-436-5101

Fax: 281-436-5157

Cell: 205-215-2173



Dan Kietzer, Regional Sales Manager

Ph: 952-829-4889

Fax: 952-941-9287

Cell: 612-845-2982


2008 Interview Summary:


Scattered light technology for particulate measurement is accurate, even at low levels, and can be used on wet stacks by heating the sample prior to measurement which is used in power plants in the Midwest.



2007 Conference Coverage


Sick Maihak - Interview with Brian Conway, Bill Worthington and Deborah Padwater on mass particulate and mercury monitoring.

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