View and Correct Your Product Listings

Here is a way for suppliers to make sure that we list the right products for each of the subsidiaries. The Mcilvaine networking directory is unique because it displays the specific products for each subsidiary or division. It is also unique because it is carefully structured and therefore much more valuable to prospects. The first division is by service. One service is Fabric Filters and another is Cartridges.  If you supply media for both you should be listed in both services.

It is a networking directory because it is more than just a source guide for purchasers. People who you list in the directory will have the opportunity to volunteer information and otherwise network with prospects and consultants.

Through a link below you can view the products which are listed for each of the different locations for your company. These should include only those addresses which are wholly owned by the parent company and not sales representatives or licensees. They should list the primary address within the country for a specific product. Do not list multiple locations for the same product within the same country.  It is a three step process.

Step 1.  Check your current listing. You click on your corporate entity name. This displays all subsidiaries we have listed for the parent company. Click on any subsidiary and see the products currently listed.

Product Analysis by Financial Entity

Step 2.  Make corrections and additions.  If you want to add additional subsidiaries  provide us with  the subsidiary name, address, and email contact for one or more people.  Also provide the product names for that subsidiary. To make sure that you have the right product names check  the listings under each major product category.

 Search Company Services and Related Products

Step 3.  Fill out and return the form to add products and subsidiaries.

Company Profile/Product Feedback Form    

Please fill out this form to correct or add to your listings in the Mcilvaine Networking Directory.   If you believe that the product listings should be increased or changed, you can ask us and we will listen carefully and make changes as described.