FEDCO Wins Ras Az Zawr Energy-Recovery Contract


The energy-recovery device (ERD) contract for the reverse-osmosis (RO) section of the giant Ras Az Zawr (Ras Azzour) desalination project in Saudi Arabia has been awarded to Fluid Equipment Development Co (FEDCO).


The company says these will be the largest and most efficient turbine-based ERDs ever deployed in an RO system. Permeate output is around 306,000 m/d.


There will be 17 trains and each unit will be constructed in super duplex 2507 SS. Due to the highly saline feedwater in the Arabian Gulf, the recovery will be a little lower than typical.


Eli Oklejas, president of Michigan-based FEDCO, says that the company's main competitor was Energy Recovery Inc, which offered its pressure exchangers and turbochargers.


"Needless to say, it has been a long process to secure the order," said Oklejas, "but we are very happy to be working with both Doosan Heavy Industries and Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) again."


FEDCO is also supplying its ERDs for the 240,000 m/d Jeddah III RO facility for SWCC and Doosan.