Title: High Purity Water Market Much Larger Than Ultrapure

There are really four categories of water purity: •Contaminated •Relative pure and satisfactory for drinking •High purity for use in beverages and some demanding industrial processes •Ultrapure water used for water which will be used in injectable pharmaceutical preparations, boiler feed water and semiconductor chip washing. The markets to convert contaminated water to a relatively pure state are very large and are covered in a number of McIlvaine reports. Cartridge Filters: World Marketcovers cartridges used in large municipal plants as well as those used in residential refrigerators. RO, UF, MF World Marketincludes desalination and technologies to make contaminated water pure enough to drink. Liquid Filtration and Media World Marketsincludes segments on gravity media filters of the type used at most municipal plants which are treating water from wells and various water bodies. The ultrapure water market is projected to rise to $4.6 billion this year as concluded in the McIlvaine Ultrapure Water World Markets.

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  • 6/1/2014


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