Title: Application of Fly Ash in ASHphalt Concrete: form Challenges to Opportunites

Fly ash has been effectively used for many years in producing high performance concrete, with limited use in asphalt pavements. This is possibly because the performance benefits that fly ash provides to asphalt mixtures are under-investigated. The reported research investigated the interaction of fly ash with different types of asphalt binders and documented important improvements found in the critical properties of asphalt.

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   Person Information
  •     Bohler, Justin  -  University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

  •     Covi, Art  -  We Energies

  •     Faheem, Ahmed  -  University of Wisconsin-Platteville

  •     Flores, Ismael  -  University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

  •     Sobolev,Konstantin Flores, Ismael Bohler, Justin  -  University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

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  • University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

  • University of Wisconsin-Platteville

  • We Energies

  • Asphalt


  • World Coal Ash 2013






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