Title: Use of Amendments for In Situ Remediation at Superfund Sediment Sites

This 64-page report describes amendments used to remediate sediments at Superfund sites and the methods of their delivery. Three case studies are presented, one of which includes a summary of costs. The use of amendments, either by themselves or in conjunction with a conventional isolation cap or a thin layer cap and enhanced monitored natural recovery (EMNR), is examined.

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 562910 - Remediation Services                
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  • EPA

  • Activated Carbon

  • Bauxite

  • Biopolymers

  • Organoclay

  • Phosphate Additives (apatite)

  • Reactive Core Mat

  • Sand Cap

  • Zeolite

  • Zero Valent Iron

  • Immobilization

  • In Situ Remediation

  • Stabilization


  • Decisive Classification/Sediments





  • 4/1/2013


  • Report