Title: Active Capping Demonstration, Anacostia River, Washington, D.C.

This power point presentation describes the status of an active capping demonstration in the Anacostia River, Washington, D.C. Results so far show that certain caps have specific advantages. For example, activated carbon/coke or organoclay caps are proving more effective in containing mobile dissolved contaminants; organoclay caps better contain mobile NAPL; clay polymer (AquaBlok or benthonite in a mat) more effectively controls upswelling.

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 562910 - Remediation Services  Sludge Dewatering 污泥脱水              
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  • University of Texas

  • Activated Carbon

  • AquaBlok

  • Organoclay

  • Phosphate Additives (apatite)

  • Reactive Core Mat

  • Capping

  • In Situ Remediation


  • Decisive Classification/Sediments




  • NATO CCMS Lubljana, Slovenia


  • 6/19/2007


  • Presentation