Title: HClear - A Solution-based Approach to HCl Abatement by Ian Saratovsky, Ph.D., Fuel Tech - EUEC Conference 2014 - Hot Topic Hour April 10, 2014

HClear™ can be injected in the duct ahead of the particulate device and removes HCl without removing SO2. It is not a sodium product and does not impact ash sales. Very high removal rates are achieved at less than 25 lbsHClear/ton of coal. There is significant value in decreasing scrubber corrosion and wastewater treatment costs.

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  •     Saratovsky, Ian  -  Fuel Tech

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 221112 - Fossil Fuel 化石燃料  Coal-Fired 燃煤              
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  • Fuel Tech

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  • HCl

  • Hot Topic Hour - Mercury


  • 4/10/2014





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