Title: Extensive CDS Experience Already Gained in U.S

Lime and hydrated lime are widely available to meet the demands of FGT applications in the U.S. power industry. Lime-based CDS technologies have become popular options to achieve very high removals of multiple pollutants produced from solid fossil fuel-fired electricity generating units. Four lime-based CDS technologies have been installed in 12 PC boilers and 12 CFB boilers. Constructions are underway at 15 PC boilers. These technologies are applied to units with sizes ranging from 58 to 690 MW. Data obtained from AES Greenidge and Sandow Stations showed that the emission limits of Hg, filterable particulate, and HCl mandated under the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards were met. CDS is capable of handling solid fuels with various sulfur contents. CDS is capable of handling wide swing load. Multiple CDS reactor vessels can be placed in parallel to process flue gases from larger units.

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