Title: Process efficiency opportunites

1. The market for “high profile” waste heat recovery is already well developed with numerous players a. High profile waste heat recovery would be generally “high quality” waste heat at high temperature (in the range of 1000F) suitable for making secondary steam, as in stack gas from power plants, refineries, petrochemical plants, coking units, FCC units, etc. 2. The-less-well-developed market, for “low-quality” low temperature (100F to 400F) waste heat may provide significant opportunities with a less congested supplier field. a. Heat sources would include condenser cooling water or air, equipment cooling water or air, waste heat from manufactured raw goods including hot-poured or hot-rolled steel or aluminum ingots or plate, hot glass, refinery slag, clinkers in coal plants and cement plants, and other secondary heat sources b. End use applications would include domestic hot water, space heating, low-grade process heating, or Organic Rankine Cycles for power generation, among other uses.

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