Title: MIDAC FTIR Can Meet HCl Monitoring Requirements for Cement

The MIDAC FTIR has been validated for HCl measurement with accuracy down to less than 1 ppm in the presence of moisture. It is therefore applicable for the new 3-ppm requirements in the Cement MACT. One potential problem exists where there are high ammonia levels in the stack but there are ways to compensate. Details of testing at a municipal incinerator were provided by Joe Van Gompel and others in the paper posted on the MIDAC website. http://www.midac.com/files/AP-212.pdf The use of FTIR is covered in the USEPA reference method 321 “measurement of hydrogen chloride at cement kilns with FTIR.” The MIDAC FTIR can also be used to measure the organic emissions from the kilns. FTIR is routinely used in measurement of SO2, NO, and CO and therefore fulfills the need for a multi-pollutant analyzer to address the Cement MACT.

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