Title: Drinking Water Supplies Will Account For 48 Percent of the Cross-Flow Membrane Equipment and Module Purchases Next Year

Sales of cross-flow membrane systems and replacement modules will exceed $9.7 billion next year. Forty-eight percent of this total will be for municipal drinking water. This includes the reverse osmosis systems used for seawater desalination and the ultrafiltration and microfiltration systems used for drinking water extracted from fresh water sources. This is the conclusion reached in the latest additions to RO, UF, MF World Market published by the McIlvaine Company. (www.mcilvainecompany.com) For more information on RO, UF, MF World Market, click on: http://www.mcilvainecompany.com/brochures/water.html#no20. Bob McIlvaine President 847 784 0012 ext 112 rmcilvaine@mcilvainecompany.com www.mcilvaine@mcilvainecompany.com Copyright © 2012 McIlvaine Company. All Rights Reserved 191 Waukegan Road Suite 208 | Northfield | IL 60093 Ph: 847-784-0012 | Fax; 847-784-0061

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  • 9/1/2012


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