Title: Hoffland has system for treating frac flow back water.

Hydraulic fracturing is an essential ingredient of Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and Maximizing Natural Gas (MNG) production. Hydraulic fracturing jobs in the oil or gas patch often utilize 2 to 8 million gallons of water and, in light of today’s concern over assuring high-quality drinking water, the fracturing process is very environmentally sensitive. In that light, HEI is now designing and building patented equipment systems in Conroe, Texas, especially for frac water systems. These are finding widespread applications in the oil and gas patch with a particular focus on recovering and treating highly saline concentrated flow-back brine. [This brine is often referred to as frac water]. Treating frac water is complicated because technology must address: (1) both organic and inorganic chemicals that are present, (2) physical characteristics of the brine, and (3) biological parameters plus (4) frac water systems must be able to handle extremely large volumes.

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