Title: ITT Proposes Seawater Reverse Osmosis System for Australian Mining Camp

See page 17. Maggie Hays RO Plant, Australia. The plant provides potable and process water for a mining camp. The project progressed relatively easily despite the remote location of the site. ITT proposed a seawater reverse osmosis system capable of providing up to 240 m³/day of permeate water with total dissolved solids (TDS) of less than 500 mg/l. The system was installed in 2006 and ncludes the RO membranes and pressure vessels, a multi-media pre-filtration system, high pressure pumps, piping, an automatic fresh water flush, PLC control and membrane cleaning system.Amanual multimedia filter system significantly reduces the suspended solids and raw water turbidity. These filters also provide better run time and operational cost savings for the five-micron cartridge filter. Three chemical injection systems are supplied with the RO unit for pre-treatment anti-scalant feed and product water treatment disinfection and stabilization.

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