Title: YSI Instruments Map Volume of Wastewater Lagoons in Dairy Farms

The California Regional Water Quality Control Board requires determination of adequate containment capacity for process wastewater at dairy plants. This determination of storage volume requires either surveying of cross-sections in wastewater lagoons or assumptions from design/build documents. The YSI EcoMapper provides a safe and data-rich way of surveying and assessing the current volume and water quality of a waste lagoon, holding/retention pond, or containment structure. The EcoMapper is an autonomous vehicle which collects continuous data points throughout a water body. It maps the contours and bottom of the lagoon, providing bathymetric maps and depth data. Sensors on the vehicle also assess overall water quality, including near discharge points as well as mixing.

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 112120 - Dairy Cattle and Milk Production                
 221320 - Sewage Treatment Facilities *                
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