Title: Wedeco has Ozone Oxidation Systems for Food & Beverage Industry that Provide and Support Product Quality and Production Processes in an Economical and Ecologically Manner

Ozone is an effective alternative to conventional disinfectants. When ozone comes into contact with microorganisms, it oxidises their cell membrane and causes the cells concerned to destruct through osmotic dissolution. Ozone thus works actively against bacteria, mould and viruses. Even unwanted substances such as iron, manganese or humins are destroyed with ozone. Since ozone “only” consists of three oxygen atoms, only oxygen is formed as a by-product after the oxidation process. For an overview of all Ozone and UV applications, click on the link.

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 311511 - Fluid Milk Manufacturing                
 311999 - All Other Miscellaneous Food Manufacturing                
 312111 - Soft Drink Manufacturing *                
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  • Xylem

  • Ozone Oxidation

  • Bottle Washing

  • CIP Process

  • Product Washing

  • Recycled Water

  • Vapor Condensate Disinfection


  • Water Disinfection






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