Title: Wedeco has UV Systems Specifically Designed to Provide Chemical-free Disinfection without Secondary Effects for Food & Beverage Industry

During disinfection with UV light, bacteria, viruses and parasites are inactivated by a photochemical reaction between the UV-C radiation and the genetic information carrier (DNA) of the pathogen within seconds. The pathogen cannot multiply any longer and dies. Since this is a purely physical technique, no harmful or unwanted products or by-products are formed as with disinfection with chemical additives.

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   Application Sequencing
 311511 - Fluid Milk Manufacturing                
 311999 - All Other Miscellaneous Food Manufacturing                
 312111 - Soft Drink Manufacturing *                
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  • Xylem

  • Ultraviolet Treatment

  • Liquid Sugar Disinfection

  • Recycled Water

  • Vapor Condensate Disinfection


  • Juice Disinfection

  • Water Disinfection






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