Title: Wedeco has Economical and Ecological Ozone Systems Designed to Provide Highly Pure Water Qualities Needed in Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Manufacturing Industries

The ozone molecule reacts quickly with a number of compounds, either through directly acting on the ozone molecule or indirectly through hydroxyl radicals that are created. When ozone comes into contact with microorganisms, it oxidises their cell membrane and causes the cells concerned to destruct. Ozone thus works actively against bacteria, mould and viruses. Even unwanted substances such as iron, manganese or humins are destroyed with ozone. Since ozone “only” consists of three oxygen atoms, only oxygen is formed as a by-product after the oxidation process. Owing to the high reactivity of the ozone molecule, ozone oxidation is also suitable for destroying persistent substances from industrial waste water. These micro-pollutants, endocrine disrupting substances and pharmaceutical residues can be effectively destroyed with ecologically and economically worthwhile doses of ozone in the water.

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 325412 - Pharmaceutical Preparation Manufacturing                
 325630 - Cosmetics Water Treatment *                
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  • Xylem

  • Ozone Oxidation

  • TOC Removal


  • Intake Water

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