Title: Charter Plastics has Special Color Coded HDPE Pipe for Reclaimed Water

Reclaimed water systems take the “gray” wastewater discharged from homes and industry and treat it so that it is safe for human contact, but not consumption. The reclaimed water is then returned in special reclaim water lines to the homes or industry to be used in non drinking water applications such as irrigation or process water. The reclaimed water lines are installed just as a potable water distribution system would be but the pipe is color-coded lavender to designate reclaimed water instead of blue for potable water. PE 3408 High Density Polyethylene Pipe made by Charter Plastics are recommended choice for all reclaimed water distribution and service lines. Charter Plastics features a selection color-coded polyethylene pipe products for reclaimed water installations including CTS, IPS and DIPS sizing. From receipt of resin throughout manufacturing, Charter water pipe undergoes a regimented quality control process. The resin and pipe is tested and manufactured according to corresponding AWWA, ASTM and Charter Plastics own quality assurance procedures to insure the consistent production of quality pipe.

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