Title: Beaumont Completes Innovative Installation of HDPE Pipe

Beaumont, TX made to install a 48-inch high density polyethylene pipe (HDPE) DR. “Polyethylene is the only piping material that could have been used for this job,” said Everett Phelps, consultant for Brystar Contracting. Four years earlier, Brystar came to the rescue of the town of Edgewood, Texas, when the city ran out of water due to their reservoir drying up. The city was forced to ship bottled water in for their citizens. Brystar installed 11 miles of 10-inch-diameter HDPE in a total of 17 days.

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  •     Phelps, E.  -  Brystar

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 221310 - Water Supply & Irrigation Systems                
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  • Plastic Pipe Institute, 2010



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