Title: St. Petersburg Water Systems Use Leakless HDPE Pipe to Preserve Precious Water

The City of St. Petersburg, Florida, is in the process of implementing an 18-year, $100 million program to replace and upgrade the city’s aging water system infrastructure. “To compare HDPE with other materials solely on price per linear foot is not a proper comparison,” says JoeTowry, manager of the Water Systems Maintenance Division for the City of St. Petersburg, Florida. “Other items should be taken into consideration like the long-term investment. Leaks are expensive, if I can spend an extra three dollars today that will save the city $100 in the future, I have done my job well.” Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) isperformed by drilling a hole down for a distance and then horizontally for however far the pipeline needs to travel. Polyethylene pipe is then pulled into the hole. “PE is tough enough and flexible enough to withstand the stresses placed on it during the pull back,” said Towry. “Everywhere it is feasible, we use HDD procedures Not only is it the least intrusive, it is the most economical.”

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  •     Lopez, Frank  -  HD Supply

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