Title: CBI Elevated Tanks Used for Peak Wastewater Flows by Jefferson County

In 2002, the Jefferson County Environmental Services Department embarked on a major project to expand the capacity of the Village Creek wastewater treatment facility. The existing plant's capacity of 60 million gallons per day was unable to handle peak wastewater flows. Jefferson County contracted CB&I to expand the capacity of the facility to 400 million gallons per day. The expansion project included installation of an influent pumping station, 20 surge basins for storing peak flows and deep bed filters for physical and chemical treatment and ultraviolet disinfection. The county also decided a Hydropillar would be necessary to store the large volume of treated effluent used to wash down a facility of this size. We designed a massive 3-million-gallon Hydropillar® elevated tank featuring an elevator within its fluted steel column, windows and 20,000 square feet of useable space on three floors. The county uses the space for locker room facilities, a laboratory, offices and training areas. For the final touch, we painted the Jefferson County logo on the roof of the tank. The innovative design of the Jefferson County Hydropillar® elevated tank earned us the 2003 Elevated Tank of the Year Award from the Steel Plate Fabricators Association. The successful project also led to a contract for an additional 3-million gallon Hydropillar that towers 245 feet into the sky. The Jefferson County Hydropillar® elevated tank is one of more than 1,000 Hydropillar® elevated tanks in service, many of which were designed with usable space within the pillar.

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