Title: Activated Carbon from Calgon Used for Initial Water Treatment and Then Beer Decolorization

Activated carbons such as Filtrasorb® 200 (coal) and Aquacarb 607C (acid washed coconut) , which meet the Food Chemicals Codex testing protocols, are an effective treatment to assure water that is contaminant, taste and odour free. The treatment of tannic acid for flavour and odour removal is a process application in brewing where carbon adsorption is used. Since the tannic acid is treated at a low pH, Chemviron Carbon recommends an acid washed carbon CPG LF® for this application. Carbon is also used to remove colour from malts for use in clear beers and other flavoured malt beverages. Several granular and powdered products can be used for this type of application. Generally, granular carbons such as CAL® are more efficient than powdered carbons, and avoid disposal issues. However, where powdered products are needed for batch processing, Chemviron Carbon has several types available.


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