Title: IBC's 8th international Conference on Single Use Applications for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing, Boston, MA, June 6-8, 2011

Single-Use technologies is fast becoming the norm in biomanufacturing. There are no longer any questions about its cost-savings, flexibility and quick turn-around. As the industry's acceptance of single-use technologies grow, so do the multitude of questions. With high level keynotes and a distinguished Scientific Advisory Committee, the event continues to challenge the audience with provocative questions and innovative solutions. By attending you will: • Hear about the pros and cons of standardization of single-use… is that even a possibility? • Evaluate when to bring single-use into the process and what kind of single-use technologies should you employ. • Consider the practical challenges of single-use vs hybrid vs reusable systems. • Learn how others have successfully scaled up, qualified and implemented disposable bioreactors and disposable clarification systems at the same time. • Hear case studies of single-use implementation into facilities and its challenges from Acceleron, Sanofi-Aventis, BioMarin, Roche etc. • Compare and contrast 2 case studies of anion-exchange membrane chromatography for downstream purification. • Review the challenges and lessons learned from single-use containers for cell culture and silicone tubing extractions. • Realize the true benefits of single use technology in multi-product/multi-process facilities, scaling up and high containment vaccine production. Conference Sessions Will Cover: • Regulatory Guidance for Single Use • Evaluating Single-Use Strategies • Single Use Applications in Cell Culture & Upstream Processing • Single Use Systems for Vaccine Production • Building Single-Use into Complete Systems • Single Use in Downstream Processing • Case Studies: Implementing Single-Use into Facilities and The Challenges • Trouble-Shooting Manufacturing Issues

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  • 6/6/2011


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