Title: Bringing lean up to speed, Blending lean with next-gen AI can radically improve supply chain decisions

The pharma industry’s adoption of lean principles over the past decade has delivered mixed results. On the plus side, pharma companies have made substantial gains by applying lean to R&D and manufacturing processes — reducing waste, accelerating production, and improving quality control. But on the downside, pharma companies haven’t realized the same successes in extending lean across the organization, especially in the broader supply chain. In many cases, results have been underwhelming when introducing lean and Six Sigma models across procurement, demand planning, inventory, distribution and logistics. Lean hasn’t delivered the end-to-end visibility that’s needed for supply chain optimization. In fact, supply chain visibility was the No.1 priority for life sciences executives surveyed by LogiPharma, a pharma supply chain community. End-to-end visibility is needed to contain costs, accurately forecast lead times, respond nimbly to changes in supply and demand, and ensure customer satisfaction.

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  • 9/15/2020


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