Title: Qualitative Fit test

From the original Vogmasks in 2011 to the present, fit has always been an important concern in providing excellent protection for the mask wearer from microscopic particles, reducing risk of leakage around the sides of the mask. No filtering face mask is 100% efficient. Every effort is made to confirm fit. There are two ways to test proper fit: Qualitative Fit Testing on sample subjects using Bittrex in closed chamber with the subject indicating if any Bittrex taste or smell is perceptible by the mask wearer, and Quantitative Fit Testing on sample subjects in a closed chamber of artificial smoke with a probe inside the mask to measure particle penetration while subject is performing a series of motions. Attached please find Test Reports on Qualitative Fit Test. Details on the Quantitative Fit Test are in 3 separate links. Vogmask is not marketed as workplace or medical respirator, which requires Quantitative Fit Testing in OSHA Compliant Respirator Safety Program in the workplace on each worker who is mandated to wear a properly fitting respirator to perform their job safely. The purpose of the individual fit testing in the workplace is to determine which brand and model of respirator provides the most protection for that individual's face structure and risk. To help to assure the consumer a well-fitting mask, Vogmask provides five sizes of Vogmask and advice on how to choose size to include height-based recommendation, age and size, and dimensions of face blank. Wrong size masks are replaced at no charge to the customer, and the customer is not required to return a wrong size mask, in respect for the environment. For providing well-fitting masks directly to the consumer, an efficient wrong size replacement policy is required, and proper information to the mask user on how to test for a good fit. The mask should provide a good seal around nose and mouth. The mask suctions inward when inhaling. No air escapes the sides, nose, or bottom of the mask when exhaling. The manufacturer is required to replace wrong size promptly to reduce risk of ill-fitting product. NOTE: When a test session shows a fail on Health and Safety Requirements, a Corrective Action Report is created with plans for resolving and improving the product performance.

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