Title: Largest Filtration Opportunity ever is the CATE Mask

Largest Filtration Opportunity ever is the CATE Mask Comfortable-attractive-tight fitting - efficient (CATE) masks are the future not only for the wealthy but for all the citizens of the world. Tight fitting-Efficient (TE) which are not comfortable or attractive are worn by healthcare personnel. And yet they walk through hospital waiting rooms and offices which are anything but antiseptic. The local hospital now has a player piano and floor to ceiling drapes in the lobby. If hospitals see the need for investments in attractiveness why subject patients to skimpy surgical gowns and hospital personnel to garments which are just as unattractive. It will be harder to make the argument for comfort and attractiveness in hospital apparel than it will be for the average citizen just trying to protect himself from COVID. Northern winters can be deadly. The choice of ski hat is potentially a life or death decision. However, the purchase decisions not only take health into account but also attractiveness and comfort. Most available masks are not TE. Those that are TE are generally not CA. Previous Alerts by McIlvaine have documented the need for TE masks. But unless you add the CA, people will not wear them as much as they should.

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  • 11/4/2020


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