Title: Shopping Smart: What to Look for in a Contract Manufacturer

Spikes in demand. A sense of urgency to speed new products to customers. A rush to be prepared for regulatory reviews. Pressure to economically scale up production. For those in the medical device industry working to fight COVID-19, these are the new realities. Yet, these challenges also confront many device makers during their normal course of business, albeit without the full dynamics of a pandemic response. Under any circumstances, a contract manufacturing organization (CMO) can help shoulder the workload of bringing a new device to market. This article reviews key considerations to keep in mind when evaluating a CMO. For experienced medical device original equipment manufacturers (OEM), this information serves as a refresher. For those new to medical devices or embarking on their first CMO search, this is a roundup of qualities to look for and questions to ask of prospective outsource manufacturing partners. What Do Medical Device CMOs Offer?

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  • 6/4/2020


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