Title: Supply Chain Trends / Raising the performance of the pharmaceutical packaging supply chain

For too long the pharmaceutical supply chain has been overlooked. Despite linking the laboratory to the marketplace, the majority of investment has instead been prioritized for the discovery, development and marketing of new products to sell. However, over time, this underinvestment has meant global supply chains aren’t prepared for the large-scale shifts in demand, new product types with complex requirements, and increasing pressures from ever-tightening environmental regulations being placed on the industry. But, while this is currently holding the international pharmaceutical industry back, it isn’t too late for change. There are huge technological and commercial opportunities in this area, open to those who blaze the trail and lead through best practice. Moving towards 360-degree visibility from concept to commercial must become a priority for pharmaceutical manufacturers, transforming the typically disjointed elements of packaging development, manufacturing, and distribution into a coherent and flexible supply chain that’s truly global. This, in turn, will improve speed to market, assurance of supply and overall operating efficiency. As well as reaping the rewards of reduced risk and higher profits, more patients will get access to affordable and safe medicines and therapies. Patient safety has always and will always continue to be the number one priority for the pharmaceutical industry. After all, as a sector, its mission is to save and prolong life. But pharma’s ability to deliver on this promise is being put under threat by outdated and underfunded supply chains. Confounding stress factors…

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  • 6/4/2020


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