Title: Surface Service: Examining Coatings and Surface Treatment

Coatings and surface treatment experts can create significant value by altering the outer layer of a medical device. Medical device engineers are always looking for new ways to improve the performance of medical device substrates through the use of engineered coatings, especially as device components become smaller and are designed to deliver greater functionality. For example, thin films produced by electrochemical processes such as electroplating and vacuum processes such as chemical vapor deposition or physical vapor deposition (PVD) offer new opportunities for device engineers to exploit the unique properties of their coating materials and still be able to use standard base substrates, both metals and polymers. Coatings are engineered to functionalize medical device surfaces for a wide variety of medical applications. They provide valuable physical properties that may not be present in the underlying bulk substrate, such as enhanced electrical stimulation or sensing, biocompatibility, improved mechanical properties such as wear resistance, increased radiopacity, and the ability to elute drugs to selected parts of the anatomy. Surgical coatings enhance the conductive abilities of electrosurgical devices, improving both surgeon performance and patient outcome and safety. As a result…

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  • 7/21/2020


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