Title: Expanding CMO/CDMO Roles. Supporting smaller manufacturers with end-to-end services

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are feeling the heat. With cost containment a priority, especially in an era of COVID-19 and the threat of other previously unimagined business disruptions, the race to outsource development and manufacturing of life-saving drugs to trusted service providers is accelerating. The race for end-to-end outsourcing with contract manufacturing organizations (CMO) and contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMO) takes on different meanings for smaller and virtual manufacturers compared with large conventional pharmaceutical companies. With fewer financial and human resources, smaller organizations rely on their outsourcing partners for additional services that many large manufacturers retain internally. Although smaller firms have equal dependence as large drug companies on their CMO/CDMO partners, their priority is focused on a different set of service offerings.

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  • 5/1/2020


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