Title: Overview of Microbiological Control & Monitoring in Utility Cooling Systems, presented by K. Anthony Selby, Water Technology Consultants, Inc., at Electric Utility Chemistry Workshop, June 7-9, 2011, Champaign, Illinois

Overview of Microbiological Control & Monitoring In Utility Cooling Systems K. Anthony Selby, Water Technology Consultants, Inc. Cooling water systems in electric utility plants face challenges related to corrosion, mineral scale deposition, microbiological fouling, and suspended solids accumulation. Of these challenges, microbiological control is a primary issue because it can impact the others. In addition to a direct impact on heat transfer, microbiological growth can influence corrosion, trigger mineral scale formation, and accelerate suspended solids accumulation. This overview will discuss the common methods of microbiological control in power plants as well as discussing some emerging technologies. It will also emphasize the importance of monitoring the effectiveness of microbiological control and discuss current monitoring methodology.

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  •     Selby, K. Anthony  -  Water Technology Consultants

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  • Electric Utility Chemistry Workshop


  • 6/7/2011


  • Champaign, IL USA




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