Title: China Looks Inward and Outward: Investments in US and EU Biopharmaceutical Companies Are on the Rise

The growth momentum of China’s biopharmaceutical industry continues, with the China Industry Research Institute projecting that the country’s biological therapeutics market could reach 300 billion Chinese yuan (~US$50 billion) in 2019. According to the second edition of our report on advances in Chinese biopharmaceutical technology, this robust growth is boosted by continuing investment into the sector (1). A clear strategic indicator of the country’s intentions in biotherapeutics and biologics has been government investment in bioindustrial hubs, which by next year will have added >$300 billion to the Chinese biological industry nationwide. As Beijing has continued to build this critical high-technology industry in China over the past decade, it has becoming a major part of both the national economy and the country’s domestic healthcare segment (1). Investor confidence has been on the rise since 2014, which has manifested in substantial investments being undertaken in China’s biopharmaceutical industry. This has transformed and upgraded the industry, enabling it to justify still more resources and investments in innovation (2). In 2018, as global biopharmaceutical investment reached >$38.8 billion, China contributed over 12% of that with $4.7 billion (3). INCREASING VC EXIT OPTIONS…

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