Title: MBR in activated carbon production

Norit, who produces or reactivates carbon in a multitude of factories and the production plant in Glasgow, Scotland, wished to improve their environmental performance. Through the introduction of an innovative wastewater treatment system in combination with an internal effluent reuse, the amount of wastewater and the pollutant load have been reduced. A significant part of the washing water (around 80%) is now recycled and the production of sludge as well as the wastewater discharge is reduced to almost zero. Traditionally, wastewater containing bio-degradable organic compounds is processed through aerobic treatment. This natural biological degradation and purification process involves optimizing the supply of oxygen to micro-organisms that break down the waste’s organic components. However, treatment of the sludge resulting from the process requires a large amount of chemicals and energy and entails serious environmental impact and risks. Norit implemented a hybrid membrane bioreactor (MBR) plant, which enables start-up and stabilization of the biological process at mesophilic conditions (30 – 40 deg C) and the gradual transition to thermophilic operation (45 – 55 deg C).

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