Title: Biopharma Contract Fill-and-Finish Market Trends Biopharmaceuticals continue to fuel growth in the pharmaceutical industry.

The market for biopharmaceuticals continues to expand worldwide, and they have been the primary growth driver for the pharmaceutical industry. Biopharmaceuticals will continue to provide significant growth for the pharmaceutical market over the next five years. Biopharmaceutical contract fill-and-finish has expanded in recent years as more biopharmaceuticals enter the market. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies look to contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) as a way to meet their fill-and-finish needs and reduce risk. This article reviews selected market trends, the use of multi-molecule agreements, and underserved market segments. Background The information presented in this article draws from HighTech Business Decisions’ latest report, “Biopharmaceutical Contract Fill-and-Finish: Best Practices Study 2018.” The findings in this report come from... Cindy Liu and William Downey, HighTech Business Decisions

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