Title: Malvern continuously measures cement particle size to improve plant performance

The cement plant is a perfect example of an industry that must, and is, embracing IIoT and Industry 4.0 to improve process efficiency and reduce environmental impact. For example, clinker grinding mills employ sensors and automation. These include thermocouples to monitor temperature and tie into control schemes to automatically adjust and maintain the desired heat and flow meters that track raw materials in tons per hour (tph), giving the plant control over process rates from start to finish. Particle size distribution (PSD) is a key part of that operating plan. Also, with online laser diffraction systems such as Malvern Panalyticals’s Insitec, it is now the established technique for real-time data and process optimization. When combined with an intelligent software interface, such as Malvern Link™ II, the PSD can be used to control the mill parameters to ensure the process is managed, and the operators know what is being made, while it is being made, without guesswork or delay.

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