Title: IAC Recirculating Dry Scrubber 2009 Patent

The present invention provides improved boiler assemblies (10) with enhanced pollution abatement properties through injection and recycling of particulate sorbent materials including sodium bicarbonate, trona, and mixtures thereof. The assemblies (10) include a boiler (12), economizer (14), air heater (15), and recirculation reactor (16). Fresh sorbent material is introduced via assembly (60) into the boiler assembly (10) at one or more injection locations, and serves to sorb NOx, SOx, and other pollutants in the flue gas. The flue gas and entrained sorbent material then pass through reactor (16) for separation of sorbent, which is then recycled for injection back into the assembly (10) upstream of reactor (16). The present invention can also be used in industrial applications where the same emissions are generated and are needed to be controlled. Examples of such applications are Cement and Lime Kilns.

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